A Cool Little Summer Treat

Okay, summer is all about ice cream.  Everyone knows that.  But this year,  I’ve fallen in love with frozen yogurt.  Specifically, Pinkberry.   I know it’s a chain and I have friends who’d probably call it designer yogurt.  And I also admit that I’m supposed to be talking about things uniquely NYC, but I’m telling you it’s awesome stuff.

Basically, it’s all about putting every conceivable kind of goodness on a mound of frozen yogurt.  Yogurt-wise, there are seasonal flavors, including pomegranate, mango, chocolate and coconut (a fav of mine but they haven’t had it this summer for some reason).   And then there is original, which has a sweet-tart taste that is amazingly refreshing.

Original is my favorite because it makes a perfect backdrop of the toppings you add.  First up are the fresh fruits.   Strawberry, banana, raspberry, blackberry and pineapple just to name a few.  My husband particularly loves the kiwi.  And then there are the usual
suspects, cookies, candies, brownies, all kinds of chopped deliciousness.  But me—I’m a simple girl.  And since I can’t eat fruit—here’s my fav.

A serving of original yogurt with coconut, toasted almonds and crushed up wafers like the stuff they make waffle cones from.  It’s the perfect mix of chewy, creamy and crunchy.  My idea of a little bit of heaven in the city.  So when it’s hot, and these days that seems to be a lot, Pinkberry is my vote for an easy, delicious way to cool off.  And hey, the yogurt is fat-free.

For the more adventurous types, there are also smoothies, fruit bowls and parfaits.  And if you like things more traditional—you can have it all in a waffle cone.  But anyway you serve it up, I promise you’re going to like it.

Pinkberry has locations all over the city.  So to find the one nearest you check out the following link:  http://www.pinkberry.com/storelocator.html