Lori Foster’s RAGT – Boardroom Schedule

If you’re going to Lori Foster’s Annual Event this year, check out the schedule for the boardroom I am hosting with my fabulous friends and authors, Liliana Hart, J.Kenner/Julie Kenner and Carly Phillips! Read on for more information!

The 10th AnnualReader & Author Get Together

June 5-8, 2014

We’re hosting a Boardroom together with a lot of fun things planned!  You can find us at:

FAIRFIELD Boardroom: The Dangerous Desires Room

First up, we’re looking forward to meeting all of you – and we’re offering a Grand Prize Giveaway to one lucky winner!  A BASKET OF OUR BOOKS WITH A KINDLE FIRE for one lucky winner!

HOW TO ENTER:  We will provide a sheet of paper with all of our books – you must gather all 4 author signatures, Liliana Hart, J.Kenner/Julie Kenner, Dee Davis and Carly Phillips, and place in box in our boardroom!

RAGT Boardroom Schedule For Liliana Hart, J.Kenner/Julie Kenner, Dee Davis and Carly Phillips


10:15-11:30Chat with Liliana, J.Kenner/Julie Kenner, Dee Davis and Carly Phillips – Get to know us! Ask any question you want – but be warned … It might or might not be an honest answer!

11:30 – 12:30 – Romance Jeopardy-Small teams will compete against each other to answer questions about popular romance novels. Winning team receives a prize.

12:30-1:45 –  Romance Charades-Participants will get a chance to act out their favorite scenes or titles from romance novels.  Prizes awarded!


10:15 – 11:15 – Romance Pictionary- Teams will compete against each other to draw and guess clues from romance novels. Prizes and chocolate awarded.

11:15-12:15 – Romance Cover Puzzles-· Large jigsaw puzzles of romance novel covers placed around the room. The first team to complete their puzzle receives a prize.

9-11 pmPJ party and Apples to Apples night with Julie, Carly, Dee, and Lilliana. Wear your jammies or whatever is comfortable.  Chocolate and Prizes!

Note – If any event runs short, we will have another Romance Q&A-  Readers will have the opportunity to ask any question they want and get an answer from bestselling romance authors Dee Davis, Liliana Hart, Julie Kenner, and Carly Phillips.