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They both know the games killers play…

FBI criminal profiler Madison Harper understands dangerous minds. Tough, tenacious, with nerves of steel, she’s the best of the best. So is her new partner, Gabriel Roarke, a crack CIA operative who likes to do things his way. When the two are forced to jointly head up a task force investigating murder in high places – it’s no surprise that sparks begin to fly.

As they race through a shadow world of power, politics and deadly secrets, the passion that simmers between Madison and Gabriel soon ignites. But a clever killer at the top of his game has challenged Madison to play to the very end. Now all she can trust is her instincts—and Gabriel, the one man reckless enough to keep her alive…


Great news! For the next week (April 13-17) the first book in my Last Chance Series, ENDGAME, will be on sale for 99 cents!!

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“Madison Harper?” The voice was deep, almost a bass, the sound sending a wave of something akin to pleasure coursing down her spine. She swung around, her eyes locking with pale blue eyes in the midst of a hard, chiseled face.

The eyes narrowed as the man with the voice let his gaze travel from her head to her feet then back again, the look measuring, weighing her worth. Black hair curled around his temples, a couple days worth of beard decorating his chin. He should have looked unkempt, but instead looked rakish, the glint in his eyes letting her know he was more than aware of his effect on the fairer sex.

“Gabriel Roarke,” he said, leaning against the door frame, crossing his arms over his chest, his mouth quirking upward ever so slightly.

She opened her mouth to say something pithy, but couldn’t get the words past the cotton in her throat. Gabriel Roarke was anything but average. Seven years in the Bureau, five of them working with Investigative Support meant that she could be pretty certain her reaction was well hidden. But the very fact that she was having it at all, didn’t sit well.

The last thing she needed was a pretty boy with attitude. “I wasn’t expecting you until this afternoon.” She carefully modulated her voice, keeping it neutral, almost bland. She’d used the exact tone on reticent offenders with great effect.

Gabriel’s left eyebrow rose, the resulting expression somewhere between amused and demonic. “I caught a ride on a cargo plane out of Tyndall.”

“There was no need to rush over. You could have at least waited until you’d had a shower.” It was her turn to measure him, and she had to admit there was nothing a good haircut and a shave wouldn’t fix.

His lips parted in a smile, his teeth white against the beard, making her think of a pirate. “I’ve been here since yesterday evening, and if you’d care to check,” he languidly lifted an arm, resting it on the doorframe, “I think you’ll find I’ve showered.”

Their eyes locked, the air hanging between them, heavy as if it were laced with cyanide. One breath and …

Behind her, Harrison cleared his throat.

She exhaled and turned gratefully toward her friend. “I’d like you to meet a colleague, Harrison Blake. He’s an expert with a computer, and I’ve asked him to join us. I hope you don’t mind?” She smiled, knowing full well the gesture was empty. There was just something off-putting about Gabriel Roarke. As if he kept the world at arm’s length, totally self-contained. A man of mystery.

Which simply meant he was a challenge. After all cracking personalities was her specialty. The darker the better. And if she could successfully profile someone like the Sinatra killer, she could surely deal with a CIA operative — no matter his baggage…

Excerpt from ENDGAME by Dee Davis, Copyright 2005 by Dee Davis. All rights reserved. Reprint only with permission from author.

Winter in Connecticut

SNOWSo I haven’t written anything here in ages.  And the primary reason is that I slipped on the ice and fell, wrenching my ankle and breaking a bone in my foot (not to mention my head).  I’m recuperating nicely now, but have been trapped inside (mostly upstairs) for the better part of two months.  Add to that over twenty-one total inches of snow here over that same time period and it’s been a real Connecticut winter for me.  What a way to acquaint myself with the joys of ice and snow.  Or maybe I should say not acquaint myself, since I’ve been mostly watching it fall from the windows.  (The ice that felled me was before the really bad snow hit). boot

Anyway, I’ve now had the fire department and ambulance service come to rescue me  (they were awesome!)  And I got to spend the better part of a day in the ER — not something I’d wish on
anyone.  And now they joys of PT and hobbling around the house.  But thanks to my new doctor, I’ve got a brand new fashion statement.  And I have to say that there’s something to be said for a cozy fire and the snow falling outside.  Just don’t ask me to walk on it!  At least not until I have a solid ankle again!

And hopefully, by then, I’ll be seeing spring flowers!

IMG_0864So how is your winter going?

Happy Holidays!


The presents are wrapped, the tree is decorated.  Cookies are baked, the roast is bought.  And the house is decked out and ready to go.  I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  And hope that the magic of the season fills your heart with love!  ‘Tis the season!

Everything Old is New Again!

IMG_2114So excited to be here on my brand new blog page — okay well, it’s the old blog with a decidedly upscale re-do.   And I have my fabulous graphic designer Vibeke Courtney at Dream Forge to thank for the transformation.  And it’s not just the blog but my whole website!  It’s a brand new me.

Hope all of you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  My family was here, so it was a wonderful long weekend here in Connecticut.  Lots of Turkey, gravy, stuffing and pie.  Not to mention all the other goodies we managed to put in our mouths.  And of course there was a lot to be Thankful for.  A new house.  A new puppy (who is 8 months already).  A new town!  And the list goes on and on.  So now that I’m over the Tryptophan and wide awake.  It’s time to start decorating for the holidays.  The picture of the house is from last year before we moved in.  But I’m hoping to do previous owners proud and already have white pine garland and lights to run in the front yard across the fence.   And I want to get some candles for the windows.  (The LED kind – the house may be old but the occupants are firmly living in the 21st century!)  Anyway, lots of decorating to do.  And baking and… yeesh…didn’t I just finish all of that.  Ah, well…IMG_1223

On the writing front, watch for a great sale coming on Endgame courtesy of BookBub, December 21-26.  And check out the newly re-released versions of A Match Made on Madison and Set-up in SoHo.  I’m currently in the plotting stages for a number of projects, including a new time travel and a Matchmaker novella.  I’ve also got more books to re-release.  And all of that will be coming in the new year.  Along with a brand new suspense series in 2015.

So share your Thanksgiving day feast stories –or tell me what you’ve got cooking for the upcoming Holiday.  Or let me know what you think of the new site!  I love hearing from you!

Til’ next time!


Changes in the Wind

Cinderella-Playbill-01-13As you’ve probably noticed I haven’t actually posted anything since the start of the new year.  Life, I’m afraid got away from me.  But I have seen a number of musicals and plays.  Nice Work If You Can Get It (Thumbs up and I’m betting it’s still fab despite the departure of Kelly O’Hara).  The Mystery of Edwin Drood (A hoot!).  Cinderella (Sadly not a complete thumbs up.  Music is still wonderful.  But too many liberties taken with the story line.  It’s Cinderella, people.  No meddling necessary.)  Peter and the Star Catcher (yawn).  Lucky Guy (Tom Hanks, Nora Ephron, need I say more?).  Into The Woods (critics hated it, I adored it).  Idina Menzel at Carnegie Hall (AMAZING).  The Heiress (also fabulous).  Pippin-Playbill-03-13 Going to see Pippin next month.  Will be fun to see it again.  It was my first Broadway play in 1977.  Loved it then, hopefully will love it now.

IMG_0806And in addition to theatre going, I’ve also had another book out.  My novella, Escape, a new entry for my Last Chance Series.  Available at Amazon at B&N . And coming in June, the next book in my A-Tac series — Avery’s Dire Distraction.    Also coming in May the re-release of my two entries in the Devil May Care series (with Julie Kenner and Kathleen O’Reilly).  And sometime this fall the re-release in  digital format of my Matchmaker Chronicles–A Match Made on Madison and Set-Up in SoHo.

The real news thought is that my days exploring Manhattan are numbered.  We’re moving to photo 2the country– Connecticut to be exact.  So stay-tuned for some changes.  A new lifestyle for me.  And a whole lot more on antique houses and gardening in Connecticut.  I’ve already started my plant journal and I can tell you, it’s amazing what’s already blooming and it’s only April!  So watch for updates here.  And I’ll talk to you again soon!